Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Returns Live Blog

Had a busy morning systematically disenfranchising conservative voters. But I'm now back in the cockpit ready to watch the mayhem. I'll be updating the blog as results from our area become available, and I'll be keeping an eye on the other important races around the country -- including that presidential thing. Stay tuned.

2:58PM -- Fox News has PROOF of voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia. Here's the shocking video:

The most intimidating part comes at 0:45 seconds when he holds the door open for two little old ladies. Absolutely terrifying.

4:31PM -- Missed this earlier:
A federal judge has ordered the Dutchess County Board of Elections to register the roughly 100 college students whose voter registration applications had been denied by Republican Elections Commissioner Erik Haight.

U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth Karas issued his ruling late Monday following a full day of arguments in a class action suit brought by four college students who said they were illegally being denied the right to vote.

Donna Lieberman, the executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, which represented the four students, called the ruling “a great decision that vindicates the right to vote.”
Haight should resign. He's not fit to hold the post of election commissioner.

7:00PM -- MSNBC calls Kentucky and Indiana for Romney (no surprise), and Vermont for Obama (also no surprise).

Obama -- 3
Romney -- 19

7:30PM -- Romney wins West Virginia. The others are too close to call or too early to call.

Obama -- 3
Romney -- 24

7:45PM -- South Carolina, and its nine electoral votes, goes to Romney (another shocker).

Obama -- 3
Romney -- 33

UPDATE: MSNBC calls Georgia for Romney. That's 49 EVs for Romney, to Obama's 3. Still no surprises, though.

8:15PM -- Lots of polls just closed. Too many to list. Still no surprises. Lots of states too close to call.

Obama -- 64
Romney -- 82

8:30PM -- Romney wins Arkansas, which he was projected to do. But MSNBC calls CT senate for Chris Murphy over Linda McMahon. She spent $100 million of her personal fortune, twice trying to purchase this seat, but to no avail. Woot!

Obama -- 64
Romney -- 90

9:00PM -- NBC projecting that the GOP will retain control of the House. Gerrymandering pays.

Obama -- 114
Romney -- 153

UPDATE: NBC calls PA for Obama. Plus 20 EVs.

9:30PM -- Add Wisconsin. Plus 10 EVs for Obama

9:40PM --
NBC has it 158 Obama, 153 Romney. And they are also Projecting Elizabeth Warren as the winner in Mass. Woot!

9:45PM -- And Joe Donnelly beats Tea party nutjob Richard Mourdock in Indiana senate!

10:05PM -- McCaskill beats yet another Tea Party nutjob, Todd Akin, in Missouri senate.

10:30PM -- Maloney up 69,482 to 58,426 over Nan Hayworth, according to Mid-Hudson News. That should be about 50 percent of the vote total.

10:42PM -- And Chris Gibson is up 22,004 to 17,589 over Schreibman. Lots of votes left to count, though.

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