Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Almost-President Pumps His Own Gas

Last night in La Jolla, CA:

A few days ago he might have been the leader of the free world, but now he is relegated to obscurity (how many people would recognize Michael Dukakis if they bumped into him on the street?). A few days ago, the idea of such an important personage pumping his own gas would also have set off every Secret Service alarm there is. No way they would even let him near the pump. A few days ago, he was the center of attention whenever he walked into the room. Now he's just a schlub like the rest of us, to paraphrase the late Henry Hill

I point this out not to rub salt in the wound -- the photographer said the encounter was entirely pleasant and that Romney was polite and friendly -- but because I find the contrast so startling. No wonder it went viral on Reddit.

But have no fear. Romney still has a huge pile of ill-gotten gains to sleep upon each night. His supporters, most of who are struggling to make ends meet themselves, wouldn't want it any other way.