Saturday, November 3, 2012

Schriebman Wins Important Endorsements

It was a good week for Schreibman's campaign all around. Fresh on the heels of news that he's within a few points of the odious Chris Gibson, Schreibman has picked up several important endorsements. The first came from the Hometown Oneonta & The Freeman's Journal, a community newspaper in Otsego County:
The race for our local 19th Congressional District has come to mirror the national campaign, with Republican Chris Gibson embracing a voucher mentality and Democrat Julian Schreibman tilting toward sharing the risk.

Based on their individual qualities – both are brainy; Gibson, perhaps through long experience as an officer in our polyglot army, comes across as more warm and approachable; Schreibman, more academic, perhaps, has shown he can be a scrapper – both men would be adequate representatives of the Central New York district.

But we can’t go back. Gibson is an adherent of go-it-alone; Schreibman of share-the-risk.
No link, as this was in the print version of the paper. Never underestimate the power of a local endorsement like this.

Schreibman also picked up a full-throated endorsement from Congressman Hinchey:
“I’m asking you to support a good friend of mine and vote for Julian Schreibman to take my place in Congress,” Congressman Maurice Hinchey states in his message. “Julian grew up here in the Hudson Valley, shares our values and understands the struggles of the middle class. Julian will fight to preserve Medicare, to protect a woman’s right to choose and will help carry on my legacy of defending our environment.”
Hinchey's message will be going out to NY-19 voters in the form of a robo-call.

But the big endorsement came from the Guv:
“As a career prosecutor, Julian Schreibman has shown time and again that he is a true public servant, committed to fighting for all New Yorkers,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo. “I’m supporting Julian because he has proven that he will fight to defend Medicare, protect the middle class, and help create jobs here in New York.”
This race is going to come down to turnout. Hopefully these endorsements get a few more progressive voters to the polls.


  1. one who knows things2:51 PM, November 03, 2012

    Gibson wins by 17%
    Chicago Tribune?
    Colin Powell??
    Youse kids crack me up,,,,
    Gibson wins by double digits

  2. Sunday Freeman Endorses
    Congressman Chris Gibson today!!!!!!!
    Take That Empty Suit Julian!!!!!