Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Good Night That Could Have Been Better

Everything seemed to break for the Democrats last night, though perhaps not quite as dramatically as it did in 2006. But it was a very good night overall. In addition to the president easily winning re-election, Tammy Baldwin and Elizabeth Warren are now United States senators, several marriage equality measures passed at the ballot box (for the first time ever, no less), and our old friend Alan Grayson retook his House seat, while it appears that war-criminal Allen West lost his. Comedians like Bill Maher will also be pleased to know that dingbat Michele Bachmann will be sticking around for at least two more years (shudder).

In our area, things also went well for Democrats -- unless your name is Julian Schreibman. The incumbent Gibson was able to beat him, though by a relatively slim margin given the fact that Schreibman was a really awful candidate. He's an earnest guy, and he meant well, but he lacks charisma and wasn't a very effective campaigner. Gibson, however, remains vulnerable in the new NY-19. The DCCC needs to fire Steve Israel and replace him with someone who actually knows how to recruit candidates. This was a seat we should have won. Oh, and a memo to Mike Hein: if you are interested, NY-19 is a piece of low-hanging fruit ripe for the picking.

If you look to our south, Maloney beat Hayworth. See what happens when you recruit a good candidate?

And Democrats like me are also pleased that the party appears now to be in control of both houses of the state legislature.

So, this blog will have Gibson to kick around for the next two years. And I intend to broadcast as much as I can to highlight his continually awful record. Let's see if he's the "moderate" he spun himself to be during the campaign.

But that comes later. In the mean time, a victory lap!

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