Monday, August 27, 2012

A Solar No-Brainer

Cuomo agrees to state sales-tax exemption for solar, and Hein likes what he sees:
Kingston– Today, Ulster County Executive Mike Hein commended Governor Andrew M. Cuomo for signing into law a new New York State sales tax exemption for the sale and installation of commercial solar energy systems. This new law would make New York more competitive with other states and encourage significant private sector investment in solar installations, thereby assisting New York in meeting its renewable energy portfolio goals.

County Executive Hein said, “By spurring larger scale commercial installations, this new law will help protect the environment and will create demand for solar products. In so doing, it will retain manufacturing jobs at our existing solar manufacturing operations, such as Solar Tech Renewables located in Kingston,NY, as well as solar installer companies.”
This means that quite a bit of money that is currently spent here in Ulster will no longer be subject to state sales tax, and every little bit helps when it comes to getting the local economy moving. Tracey Bartels would like to take this a step further and also apply it to the sales tax the county collects:
County Executive Hein introduced a resolution sponsored by Legislator Tracey Bartels to the Ulster County Legislature that would authorize a similar commercial solar sales tax exemption in Ulster County. According to Legislator Bartels, “The commercial solar sales tax exemption will not only increase opportunities for Ulster County businesses, but will have significant benefit for our environment. I am proud to be able to sponsor this important resolution.”

County Executive Hein added, “I want to recognize Legislator Bartels for caring about our environment, for helping local businesses and residents, and for her persistence with this important matter. I would also like to recognize the entire Ulster County Legislature for being a strong partner in growing the solar industry in Ulster County.” If approved,Ulster County would join the State of New York in exempting the sale and installation of commercial solar energy systems effective January 1, 2013.
I know a lot of contractors who would love an opportunity to get back to work converting people over to solar. And businesses, particularly manufacturers, can often really benefit from a conversion. Factories typically have big, flat roofs with plenty of southern exposure that are ideal for solar. If the state and county can help nudge local companies in that direction, it's good for all of us in the end.

p.s. I don't know who edits your copy, guys; but the text of this press release on the county website is a formatting disaster. Proof read, people (like I should talk; but, hey, I'm not the county executive).


  1. The subsidies of solar panels production though

    -Sharone Tal

  2. Isn't this what the Dems are attacking Romney on a gift to the rich. Poor and Middle class cannot afford solar so the rich get a tax break from the Dems

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