Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hoo boy. David Donaldson, not one to mince words, is royally PO'ed about Queen Terry's RRA shenanigans:
At the request of Terry Bernardo, Chair of the Legislature, Legislator Carl Belfiglio as Chairman of the Environmental Committee arrogantly rammed through a party line vote last Thursday, August 2, 2012 to get Requests for Proposals to sell the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency.

“This was done either for foolish political reasons or out of total ignorance of the understanding of the relationship the County has with the UCRRA. This is yet another example of the inept and poor leadership demonstrated by the Republicans of the Ulster County Legislature. We need to explore solutions in a cooperative responsible manner”, said Minority Leader David Donaldson (Kingston).
Why not "Foolish Ingorance," Don? You know, the best of both worlds?

Anyway, read the whole thing. Bernardo is clearly in way over her head and needs to be replaced come January. It's like watching a six-year-old running with a pair of scissors.

(Hat-tip to the Liberty Coalition for the link)

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  1. can we give Bernardo a pair of scissors