Monday, August 27, 2012

First, They Came for the Anchovies

And I didn't speak up because I wasn't a salty little fish:
"It’s worse to imagine a world with Obama getting a second term than it is to imagine a world without pizza. Because with Obama in a second term, there will be no pizza. For anyone." -- Herman Cain
Yes, but what about remote controls, Herman? I've heard that Obama wants to take them away, which will force Americans to have to get up to change the channel. Why is no one talking about this conspiracy to take away our right to bear IR devices? From my cold, dead hands!


  1. The United States of America is dead. The Constitution has been shredded. There are laws in place, some executive orders also that were signed in the dead of night, that have taken away our individual freedoms. If Obama has a second term - and he will, it's been decided, wake up - we're finished. There's even talk in the south of civil disobedience and revolution. There are people actually preparing to defend their liberty. The government has purchased millions of rounds of hollow point bullets. Who do you think these are going to be used against? The troops are being asked to sign (by public sector organizations) an oath saying they will not take up arms against their own countrymen. The economy is on its face, we are facing a major depression. Medicare and Medicaid will disappear, leaving millions to die. These are truths, not fantasies.

    1. Backing away slowly....