Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Public Hates GOP Abortion Plank

It's like watching someone walk into a propeller:
A new DailyKos/SEIU/Public Policy Polling survey finds that 75% of American voters are opposed a constitutional amendment banning abortions without exception -- even in case of rape or incest -- while 13% support such an amendment and 12% aren't sure.
It doesn't get much more lopsided than that. So why is this even in the platform when it's apparent that a fairly high percentage of Republicans oppose this? Ask Pat Robertson. As one commenter at the first link suggests, the Religious Right has extracted its pound of flesh.


  1. Its on the platform because its easy for a candidate to say I'm for or against abortion or his or her religious beliefs. Its ones own opinion, heck I could run too on this platform. Candidates won't have to discuss real economic issues. Everyone on all platforms agree more jobs and lower taxes are a must, however it takes a special candidate who can engage and commit to specific job creation ideas and tax reduction issues that require thought planning and selling to the general pubic. I want to hear solid concrete ideas and solutions. I don't care what party they come from.

  2. You've bought into the lie of abortion fairly well, it seems. Watch one single ultrasound of an in utero baby being cut to pieces, alive and with no anesthesia: the baby (and yes, that's what it is, it's not a rabbit, it's not a lump of clay, it's a pre-born HUMAN) actively and frantically attempts to avoid the blade. Mid-term abortions the baby's head is crushed - crushed - without benefit of anesthesia. There are babies being killed every day who are capable of survival. Even at 20 weeks gestation, NICUs are saving babies. It is an abomination. It hurts women, emotionally, psychologically, and often physically. Infertility can be, and is, a lasting result for many women. Fifty six million unborn humans have been sacrificed to convenience and that means 56 million women have bought into the outrageous sexist lie that allows fathers to walk away with no responsibility. For shame on you. You think everyone who defends LIFE is a "religious fanatic?" Think again. This life is not all there "is". One day, in a moment, you will know. God help you.

  3. Yes. A used feminine napkin is a person (according to Arizona), but a woman isn't. Pretty straightforward.