Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bernardo Watch: Legislating is Soooo Haaaard

So the UC Legislature has decided not to sell the RRA. You remember, the agency they probably can't legally sell in the first place? So they've come up with this face-saving bit of fluff to try to make others do the heavy lifting they should be doing themselves:
Ulster County lawmakers have scrapped an 11th-hour plan to solicit proposals for the purchase of the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency’s assets.

Instead, county legislators are expected to consider today a resolution crafted last week to form a 13-member “non-partisan” commission to make recommendations to the county Legislature on the future of the beleaguered agency.

According to the resolution adopted by the Environmental, Energy and Technology Committee, the “non-partisan” commission will consist of three legislative members appointed by Majority Leader Kenneth Ronk, R-Wallkill, three legislative members appointed by Minority Leader David Donaldson, D-Kingston, the Resource Recovery Agency director and chairman of the agency’s board, two supervisors or mayors appointed by the head of the Supervisors and Mayors Association, the county comptroller or his designee and the Kingston mayor or his designee and the county executive or his designee.
So, sounds good on paper, right? But this is the same leadership that is currently thumbing its nose at Gerry Benjamin and the charter commission's months of hard work. Why should we trust this bunch to follow the recommendations of this commission? And we need another commission like we need a collective hole in the head. Maybe we could instead have elected officials who show some actual leadership?

Up steps Mike Hein, finally saying what the rest of us have known for months and kicking this turd of an idea right back to its incompetent progenitor:
Hein called the creation of the Commission “another embarrassing example of failure to lead by the legislative chairwoman,” and said the Legislature has once again shown itself “to be either unable or unwilling to address this tough issue.”

“It’s a policy issue for the Legislature that has so far gone unresolved,” said Hein.
Damn straight. But where the hell is Bernardo? Off on a trapeze somewhere, I'm guessing:
Legislature Chairwoman Terry Bernardo, R-Accord, could not be reached for comment.
Of course she couldn't be reached for comment. She's in bunker mode. And to have something to say, you have to have actual ideas. We. Have. Heard. Nothing.

Bernardo is an empty pants suit, devoid of any substance whatsoever. I'm with you, Mike. I'm actually starting to feel vicarious embarrassment for her.


  1. Right on the money. If you saw tonights meeting it started 38 minutes late had a public hearing lasting 10-15 min the went back behind close doors and the meeting actually started at 8:08 for a 7 o'clock meeting. The public doesn't bother to show up to the circus because of their being inconsiderate. The sheriffs deptment had something to say and left they couldn't wait. I hope the voters see all of this and dump the bums next time around so we can get back to business

  2. Unfortunately the average voter just doesn't care.

  3. It was one big Kum-Ba-Yah moment when they got to the "amended" resolution for the UCRRA. Apparently Wayne Harris can walk on water with all the heaps of praise bestowed his way. For what I am not sure as the resolution came about during a last minute meeting (held after the public hearing). At least I think that's what happened. Hard to tell with all the changes by the second with this group.

  4. Bernardo wanted a resolution to adopt a COMMISSION to study the RRA issue. She could put who she controls on the commission and move her agenda, what ever that may be. Democrats decried the idea of taking away the authority from the Legislative committee who by the rules of the legislature over see and set policy for the RRA agency. Harris offered the idea of forming a joint committee of the Environmental committee and Way and Means who decides on spending to resolve the issue. Good compromise.

  5. I am a former Legislator and I am embarrassed by the total lack of leadership shown by my Republican party. Bernardo, Maloney and Ronk should all hang their heads in shame. One gets the impression that none of them know what to do next.
    It is like clowns circling a car at a circus. Que the #1 clown on the trapeze!

  6. If this wasn't disrespect to the Charter Commission, then I don't know what is. Sorry Mr. Minority Leader.

    From the Legislature website calendar July 24:
    Charter Revision Commission Public Hearing, Legislative Chambers, 6th Fl. (listed for administrative purposes; in no way serves as recognition or confirmation that said Commission exists or does not exist)

    From the Legislature website calendar Aug. 16:
    Charter Revision Commission * (See note on July 24, 2012) Karen L. Binder Library, 6th Fl

    Well at least it was watered down in August.

  7. Would love to see the "former legislator" id himself, Cloakroom,,

    Fair & balanced, plz,,,

  8. Yo Bd

    HAS TO BE NOONAN after 3 cocktails,,,

  9. It is Walter Frey, but Noonan must really get under someones skin if you are still blaming him.

  10. Anyone see Ronk disrespecting Aiello during the legislative session on the county website this week. And this is a leader in the Republican party? The kid needs to grow up and learn something from Aiello instead of making funny gestures while Legislator Aiello is speaking. Ronk should only hope to be half the Legislator Aiello has been to our county all these years.

  11. I couldn't agree more I was going to call Bob and tell him to watch the tape. This kid is what the Republican party is becoming what a disgrace.

  12. How ironic.
    The Chairwoman was at the Charter Commission meeting tonight.
    You know...the Commission that may not exist according to the County Legislature.
    And unfortunately the Commission gave in and let the Legislature version go to the voters insteasd of complicating the issue with 2 different ballot items which might have both been passed.