Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Did Quigley Know, And When Did He Know It?

I haven't checked in at the Ulster Report in a while, mostly because it hasn't been updated in months (you may remember that Ulster Report was mentioned in this Kingston Times story a few months ago).

But the Ulster Report has dusted off its keyboard and is keeping track of the Matthew Taggard investigation (the now-former ToU police chief under investigation for alleged sex crimes).

The Ulster Report is wondering how much Town of Ulster Supervisor Jim Quigley knew about Taggard, especially given that Quigley appointed Taggard over the more-qualified Joe Sinagra (who is now police chief for Saugerties, I should mention):
Supervisor Jim Quigley is in a politically pickle, pardon our pun, over what he did or did not know when he appointed disgraced Police Chief Taggard shortly after taking office in 2010. Taggard was recently placed on PAID leave by the Ulster Town Board after being arrested by state police on charges of official misconduct. While the charges allege that Taggard did not report abuse that he had knowledge of, there are rumors that much more serious charges may be coming down the road. Sources tell Ulster Insider that Taggard was charged quickly with the minor misconduct charge to get him out as Chief. Getting people to speak out against a sitting Chief can be very intimidating.

Taggard who was Quigley's inside man during his 09 race for town Supervisor was rewarded handsomely by Quigs, Taggard was appointed Chief after Chief Watzka was forced out. Taggard was also promoted over than Deputy Chief Sinagra who was much more qualified. Many Ulster police officers retired after Taggard's appointment. Rumors of Taggard's questionable relationships were well known throughout town for years, while nothing was ever proven you have to question why someone like Quigley with high political asperations (sic) would appoint this guy as his Chief of Police.
Taggard was Quigley's boy, no doubt. But how much did Quigley know about Taggard's alleged misconduct? That's why they have investigations. Certainly, many people knew about the rumors regarding Taggard, so this situation probably isn't particularly shocking to those who know the community well.

As I said in a previous post, this one could get very ugly before it's over. Let's hope, for the sake of the potential victims, that there is less hear than meets the eye.

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