Monday, August 6, 2012

Political Theater

The latest shenanigans regarding the legislature's upending of the charter commission's work are fairly predictable. First they want to approve their own districts, an idea that is akin to putting children in charge of guarding the cookie jar.

Now they want to place approval of new district maps before the voters -- who, while well intentioned, know almost nothing about demographics. Can you tell me the breakdown of registered voters in your own neighborhood? In other words, how many are Democrats, Republicans, independents, etc? If not, then how would you know whether a district line is fairly drawn? Do you have time to do the extensive research that would be involved? No, you likely don't.

This is why we created the charter commission in the first place, to take self-serving knuckleheads out of the equation. Yet these same knuckleheads insists upon overriding the will of the people, and are instead doing everything to make sure they're protecting themselves.

Have you ever seen a sorrier bunch?

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