Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bernardo Watch: Tax and Spend Terry

In the latest Bernardos-capade, Terry saves the good people of Wawarsing by taking credit for something she had very little to do with.
Ulster County took a significant step forward in beginning the process for homeowners flooded by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection aqueduct to have their homes bought out as County Legislature Chairwoman Terry Bernardo signed an agreement that calls for the DEP to provide $3.1 million to be applied toward those purchases.

The state will kick in another $3.8 million for the voluntary program, which Bernardo has been working on for the last several years.
After her hero Bonacic convinced a bunch of his cronies to use state flood money to buy out some homes ruined by the leaking DEP tunnel, loyal-puppy Terry praises the Senator and then spins the news in her direction.

And what the hell? Isn't this NYC's problem? Why the hell should NY State foot the bill for this?

And we're all supposed do happy somersaults now that our state funds are being used to pay for the city's malfeasance. Even with the DEP's matching funds, many in the affected area won't be able to take advantage of the deal. Now all that property will be off the tax rolls and those ineligible for buyout will see their property values drop.

To Bernardo, it's a win, probably because she got her picture in the paper.

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