Thursday, April 12, 2012

John Parete Moving Day Countdown: 252 Days to Go

John Parete is going to be looking for a few friends to help him move. From section A2-3 of the Ulster County Code:
Each member of the County Legislature shall, at the time of the Legislator's nomination and election and throughout the Legislator's term of office, be and remain a qualified elector and resident of the district from which the Legislator is elected, except that for an election immediately following the reapportionment of County legislative districts, the incumbent County Legislator representing a district redrawn in such reapportionment shall be eligible for nomination for election in either his or her district of residence or any newly drawn district which is contiguous to his or her district of residence, provided that the County Legislator shall become a resident of the district represented no later than one year after taking office. (emphasis added)
When Ulster County redrew the district maps, John Parete's district lines shifted, so he now has to establish residency in the new district. He's in compliance with the letter of the law, for now. But I can't imagine he's going to sell his house in Marbletown, can you?

Parete currently lists an apartment on Route 28 in Boiceville as his legal residence. I guess the house in Stone Ridge will become his weekend getaway.

Definitely worth watching.


  1. If Parete lists his apartment in Boiceville as his legal residence, then he loses the STAR exemption on his house. He'd better be careful...

    1. Good point. I'm guessing there's someone up in Albany who would like to know about this.

  2. Hey Bernardo has a good lawyer langdon on the payroll we the taxpayers would be happy to foot the bill for another Bernardo Stooge

  3. Like he lives in Boiceville! What a joke! Does he sleep on the bar in the Boiceville Inn?

  4. Who cares, he is washed up. Olive gets what they deserve.