Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tamarack Burns

Just terrible:
A massive structure fire Saturday eviscerated most of the old Tamarack Lodge and left several families homeless.

The flames erupted at 3 p.m. near the former Greenfield Park resort and soon jumped across Route 52, setting roughly 200 acres of brush and bungalows ablaze, said Ellenville fire Chief Howard Troue.

He expected crews to be busy into Sunday morning putting out stubborn, wind-swept flames. At least four firefighters suffered minor injuries.
A big chunk of it had been condemned in recent years, but the Mohegans obviously had high hopes someone would rescue the place:
The fire destroyed some 30 resort buildings and adjacent cabins, Troue said. The cause remains unclear.

Most of the vintage bungalows had been abandoned many moons ago. But some were occupied by members and friends of the unrecognized Western Mohegan Tribe, owners of the 255-acre property since 2001.

The tribe filed for bankruptcy March 9, staving off a sheriff's sale of their property. Chief Ron "Golden Eagle" Roberts, a truck driver, was in Pennsylvania Saturday, according to son Ron Roberts Jr.
Yet another piece of the old Catskills gone.

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