Friday, April 20, 2012

Tell Us What You Really Think, Dave

Donaldson weighs in on the Thomshaw debacle, and it ain't pretty:
Donaldson, now the Legislature’s minority leader and one of only three legislators to vote against Bernardo’s election as chairwoman, called Bernardo “evil” and said the way in which he (sic) dismissed Thomshaw was “disgusting.”

“I’ve never seen anybody, anybody act the way she does,” Donaldson said. “I’ve never seen anybody that heartless.”
I've seen people who are that heartless, but they're usually in documentaries about World War II.


  1. Bernardo is a power monger and a despot.

  2. Dave just fall in line behind ALL the Republicans remember DER FUHRER has spoken

  3. Hey, Dave, you have no argument. There is never an easy way to fire someone, you should know. You fired the entire legislative staff when you became chairman. PLEASE, do tell us how you did it with sooooo much heart.!!!!!!! You are full of shit , and you know it. And as living proof, when you could not make an argument that was reasonable, and logical, what did you do??? You resorted to calling names. Guess that comes from hanging out with a bunch of high school kids all day.
    Sorry, Dave, but hatred is an evil thing, and you are full of it. Why not just level with us. It's all about you not getting the "I" line. Please...if there is anyone in Ulster County who thinks we would be hearing a PEEP out of Dancin Dave, if he had the "I" line, please speak up . If not, shut up.

  4. Dancing Dave obviously didn't need the "I" line to win. If most of the idiots up there could count they would realize they didn't need the I line it didn't win all but 1 race They only endorsed people they thought would win and sold out to vote for the queen for emperor.

    1. 10:40, you are right. Dancin Dave won without the line, but can't do the math. And this guy is the minority leader. Any wonder the exec thinks they are all a bunch of fools. Having watched Dave for many years, this is really all about his ego, and not about winning and losing. Just trying to sent a message. Not about what is best for the people he doesnt represent, jus about him.
      And then they want to know why so many people dont bother to vote.