Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Good Question

Robin Yess asks a good question:
Is Ronk overworked or is Bernardo controlling the Legislative Committees?
Yess is asking why Ronk sould have five committee assignments when there are three legislators who have only one. Well, all you can do in such circumstances is ask whether such control of certain committees would be beneficial to the friends of those doing the controlling. According to Yess, Ronk currently sits on Environmental, Energy & Technology; Health & Personnel; Law Enforcement & Public Safety; Law & Rules, Governmental Services; and Social Services. It appears that these committees constitute the bulk of spending here in Ulster -- other than Public Works & Capital Projects.

Then Yess gets a little snarky:
It seems unfair and unreasonable for Ronk to have five committees while three other Legislators have only one. After all, you didn’t elect your Legislator to hold the title, but not work on behalf of your district, did you? To solve this problem of inequity, take three committees away from Ronk and give one extra each to Aiello, Bartels and Gerentine. Then every Legislator would have at least two committees, which is fair. The added bonus to taxpayers is that we’d have at least one committee not being controlled by Bernardo. That would be the one that Bartels gets.
I get the feeling Ronk isn't on these committees because he's a workaholic. It also might be worth asking Bartels why she has just one committee assignment. I can't imagine it's because she's too busy. Was she shut out by the Bernardo/Independence cabal because she's a vocal member of the opposition? Stranger things have happened. Of course, the other two members with just one committee assignment were also endorsed by the Independence Party, so there doesn't appear to be a clear pattern here.

Still, it bears watching. Just what are they up to, anyway?


  1. The people who got one, asked for one.

  2. And the people who got five, asked for five?
    Give me a break Barbie!

  3. "cloakroom", you make an ass of yourself with these make up issues. Eventually, you will perish, as vendetta's just dont work. Bartels committee assignments are given out by the minority leader. Gerentine is Chair of Ways and Means, which is busy and hard work. That chaiman is usually given some courtesy in committee assignments. Ronk has an agenda to perhaps be chairman some day, so experience on many committees would be helpful. Every one of your points leads to a better and more efficient governmant. Unfortunately, one must not be blinded by hatred in order to see that. This blog has potential, but you definately need to widen your focus.

  4. I wouldnt let Bartels handle my dog's poop, she is a blithering kool-aid drinker & couldnt help improve the life of one Ulster County taxpayer
    Her Rabbi is scumbag Glenn Noonan & his hideous ilk.
    your wrong on this one, besides, Ronk is a policy geek he knows his stuff & does work hard.

  5. I see the Bernardos are now reading this blog.

  6. Ronk is stupid. Really, he is. If he is ever Chairman, Ulster County is in big, big trouble.

  7. This is prolly the only blog Bernardos don't control. Ask Joe Roberti how much control Terry had on MoJo. Heard she taught him how to use photoshop, poorly. I'm sure Ronk has no idea how his new grande dame used to claw at his back.

  8. @04:40
    As opposed to now, when we already have a stupid Chairman and we are in big trouble already?
    Bernardo, Ronk, whoever, they are interchangeable as long Len Bernardo is selling the Independence line to the low-life wannabees?

  9. 5:21, do I detect a little rancor in your comment?

  10. Joe & Ellen DiFalco are as LOWLIFE as you wanna see,,


    Soon as the GOP threw them off the GOP Committee,, Low-life Len scooped them up & made them Independence Royalty.

    That should tell you all you ever need to know about Len & His Party - Scum-sucking lying pigs !!

    the DiFalcos are political detritus !!!

  11. Notice Ronk doesn't have any committees where you need a brain or some knowledge i.e. Way&Means or Public Works. We all know that Gerentine has better things to do in his opinoin and Aiello is just plain lazy he had one committee the last two terms.

  12. Hope the Bernardo enjoy the blog. Maybe they will see what the people reaaly think of them and take a hint and go back where they came from (can you take O'Halloran with you)

  13. Hey did any one see Ulster County's version of the Flying Walendas. It's our own Terry Bernardo. After Paula Mitchell's Daily Freeman Fluff piece, one thing is crystal clear. Lenny Boy can DRIVE his Stepford Wife to CHINA. She sould have a backup plan. This one is not going to last much longer.