Friday, April 27, 2012

Looters and Moochers

So, Jeanette Provenzano also wants to know what Reggero has in the way of qualifications for the post of budget analyst. From today's Freeman:
“His background is not for this position,” said Provenzano, D-Kingston. “I would have thought if not a (certified public accountant), certainly someone with a financial background.”
Yes, Jeanette. One would think so -- if one weren't simply thinking of rewarding cronies.

Reggero, on the other hand, has no trouble using his long military service as a shield to avoid answering questions:
In a letter detailing his qualifications, Reggero said he is “intimately familiar with scrutiny and pressure from outside sources,” has served at “every level of management in the enlisted ranks” and has “planned, managed and reallocated personnel and equipment” during his military deployment.

While in Grisanti’s office, he said, he “collaborated directly with the Senate Finance Committee during both the preliminary and the post budgetary process.”

“While I agree the title of independent budget analyst for Ulster County may be new to me, service to my country, dedication and the budget process are not,” he stated.
Did you catch that rhetorical slight-of-hand? He's dedicated to his country; so, if you question his credentials, you're dishonoring his military service. It's a neat trick.

And, to top it all off, the Bernardos have now bilked the taxpayers of Ulster County out of another wad of cash:
Reggero will be paid $50,000 per year.
Add this to the $50k that they're paying the incompetent Fawn Tantillo, the $37,500 they're paying no-show Sandy Mathes, and the $60k they're paying to Fabella for her crony job in the legislative clerk's office, and we're talking close to $200,000 of the peoples' money being spread around. How many actual jobs could this money pay for? Real jobs, not phony make-work jobs like these.

Our embattled leader, however, is circling the wagons:
Bernardo did not return a reporter’s phone call. In her press release announcing Reggero’s appointment, she said, “A veteran with Frank’s experience and enthusiasm will be an asset to our office."
Bernardo was the one who sent out the press release, so presumably she was available to field questions. This is what press releases are all about, right? Why send one out if you have no intention of talking to reporters? Looks like Patty Doxsey has become persona-non-grata.

But don't worry, Patty. If the Bernardos have cut you off, this is a good indication that you're doing good service for your newspaper, for the residents of Ulster County, and for transparent government.

Time to double-down and really start digging. Maybe a few FOIL requests regarding Skate Time 209's too-cozy relationship with the IDA and David O'Halloran? Lot's of smoke. Is there any fire?


  1. While in Grisanti’s office, Reggero said, he “collaborated directly with the Senate Finance Committee during both the preliminary and the post budgetary process.”

    Of course he did! Look at today's New York Times:

    Former State Senator Is Sentenced to 7 Years in Vast Bribery Case

    The crooked senator Kruger, who was elected to the State Senate in 1994 and rose to become the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, had been accused by the authorities of accepting more than $1 million in bribes from two hospital executives, a prominent lobbyist and a health care consultant. In return, he agreed to take official action to benefit them or their clients, prosecutors said.

    Right down Bernardos' alley!
    Read the article here.

  2. the salary for this position, according to the budget, is $59,000+benefits.

  3. Dump Bernardo!

  4. Is Hein gonna have to step in and clean up this Bernardo mess? Convene the ethics board!

  5. Pushed by David O'Halloran, Terry Bernardo was "elected" to represent the people of her district. Nobody in Rochester voted to make her Chair of the Legislature. That was legislators' doing, and the legislators must undo their dirty deal.

    I ask every legislator to look in the mirror while saying "I believe Terry Bernardo is the best choice for the Chairmanship of Ulster County Legislature, and the fact that Terry's husband gave me the Independence line did not pervert my thinking."