Thursday, April 5, 2012

Well, What Do You Know?

It appears the commenter from a couple of days ago was correct. Madsen out as Kingston code enforcement officer:
A former city and Ulster County lawmaker hired by Mayor Shayne Gallo as a zoning enforcement officer for Kingston is having his responsibilities changed.

Michael Madsen said on Thursday that a decision has been made to remove him from the zoning enforcement position so that he can spend more time as the housing rehabilitation specialist in the city’s Office for Community Development.

Madsen was assigned to do both jobs when he was brought on board in February, but he said on Thursday that the Gallo administration’s push to improve housing conditions in the city needs more attention.

“Rather than do two jobs not at their fullest, let’s concentrate on having me do what I can do full time to the best of my ability,” Madsen said.
And it's good to see Paul Kirby asking tough questions:
Madsen, a contractor by trade, never took any courses in zoning enforcement but said he was planning to do so before his duties were changed.
It would be a sign of good faith for Gallo to look for some new blood. According to the charter, the City of Kingston can hire from within a 10-mile radius of city limits:
Except as otherwise provided in laws, statutes, rules and regulations which are superior to and binding upon the City of Kingston, New York, and which provide that employment in certain categories shall be open to applicants from a wider geographic base, all employment by the City of Kingston, New York, shall be restricted to domiciliaries of the County of Ulster, New York, who are domiciled within not to exceed a ten-mile radius externally from the geographical limits of the City of Kingston.
You know, I'll bet there's a civil service list of qualified candidates out there somewhere. Hmmm.


  1. He should call Len Bernardo maybe he has someone from another county that needs work. And can someone tell Terry to lose the pink pants suit the Hilary Clinton look went out. P.S. she is not that good looking in the pictures with it BOTOX

  2. ROFLMAO! @3:57

  3. Mrs. Len Bernardo has some fresh Botox I see Wow, talk about a plastic face and plastic personality. She has the whole package if you are into something that is not real.

  4. Yes, of course I was correct about Madsen stepping down,, told you I spoke to him @ the Hess Station,,
    Why would I lie ?? Oh right, this is a political Blog,, most folks lie on these things,
    sorry, I am a man of charecter & moral convictions,
    I only speak the TRUTH !!!

  5. Never would have suggested you were lying, Truth Teller. But it was just possible that Madsen was pulling your leg. Thanks for the heads up.