Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quigley Wiggly

Ulster Town Supervisor Jim Quigley is still winning friends and influencing people. From Ulster Report:
Details still emerging but we were appalled that Supervisor Jim Quigley has chosen to deny health care for former Deputy Chief Sinagra. We know of the Quigley/ Sinagra feud but we hope that our esteemed Supervisor would not deny a town officer that protected his and my community his health care.
This whole thing is nothing more than Quigley's sour grapes over Sinagra's support of Quigley's opponent in the last election. And, if you've watched Quigley's bullying behavior at different meetings, it won't surprise you that he's capable of holding such a petty grudge.

Sinagra, on the other hand, believes that his contract entitled him to retirement benefits as a result of his long tenure with the Town of Ulster Police. In fact, he went so far as to file a grievance with the town board. This grievance was summarily denied at the last board meeting:
Resolution of the Town Board Formally Approving and Adopting Supervisor
Quigley’s Memorandum dated February 17, 2012

Whereas, former Deputy Chief of the Town of Ulster Police Department Joseph Sinagra filed a
grievance against the Town of Ulster alleging that he is entitled to receive certain retiree health
benefits from the Town of Ulster; and

Whereas, said grievance was received by the Town of Ulster Supervisor’s Office on or about
February 2, 2012; and

Whereas, the Town of Ulster Supervisor responded to said grievance on February 17, 2012 with
the attached Memorandum, which is incorporated herein and made a part hereof; and

Whereas, in said Memorandum, the Town of Ulster Supervisor denied the grievance in all
respects; and

Whereas, it is the intent of this resolution for the Town of Ulster Town Board to formally
approve and adopt said Memorandum and to deny said grievance in all respects; now, therefore,
be it

RESOLVED that the Town of Ulster Town Board formally approves and adopts Supervisor
Quigley’s Memorandum dated February 17, 2012; and be it further

RESOLVED, that that the Town of Ulster Town Board hereby denies the grievance of Joseph
Sinagra in all respects; and be it further

RESOLVED that the Town of Ulster Town Clerk send a certified copy of this resolution to
James A. Seyfarth, Joseph Sinagra, and William Wallens, Esq. within ten (10) days.
2nd by Councilman Brink

Four Ayes – Supervisor Quigley was absent
I use the term "summarily" because the resolution offers nothing as to why this decision was made. If Sinagra is entitled to these benefits, Quigley and the board have no right to deny them. Of course, Quigley's lickspittle board voted in lock-step with their fearless overlord, despite the fact that the little tyrant himself wasn't present.

And Sinagra is a true professional, from what I've heard. I doubt seriously that he would ask for something he didn't rightfully earn. Don't be surprised if litigation follows.

And Jim "Napoleon" Quigley really needs to stop running the Town of Ulster as if it's his own personal fiefdom. The voters deserve better.

Is it just me, or do we seem to have an awful lot of petty tyrants here in Ulster?


  1. I think Jim Quigley and Langdon Chapman would make an adorable couple.

  2. Bernardo math again Quigley come fron the bernado web with mahoney and catalano it only good if they benefit

  3. It's not "sour grapes" if Sinagra is not entitled to the benefits. The Board says no, and he says yes. A judge will have to look at the contract and make the decision. It would have been irresponsible for the Board to commit taxpayer dollars to fund these benefits if they do not reasonably believe he's entitled to them. It doesn't matter if they like the guy or not - the contract language is all that matters.

  4. I agree with 4:06. Obviously the fool writing this blog doesnt pay taxes in the town of ulster. Evidently "cloakroom" only is the taxpayer watchdog when it doesnt involve Bernardo or Quigley.

  5. Yeah, who gives a shit about sticking to your agreements and honoring your contracts.

  6. I can't help but ask - what no retiree health benefits for Sinagra from this job?

    From the Cornwall Local
    Veteran sergeant retires
    Monday, February 13, 2012
    By Ken Cashman
    Sergeant Phil Sinagra has retired from the Town of Cornwall Police Department after serving for more than 20 years. The sergeant left the force earlier this year, but today is his final day on the payroll.

    Supervisor Kevin Quigley said that there has been no discussion of promoting someone into the sergeant’s slot. He indicated that Sgt. Sinagra would be working in Emergency Medical Services near his home in Ulster County.

    Since indicates that Sinagra's last three years salaries were: $84,259, $84,078, and $85,880, I would think he'd be entitled to some retiree health insurance and no doubt a generous pension through the NYS Police & Fire Pension system, so am not sure why he's pressing for health insurance from the Town of Ulster. If it is offered, it shouldn't be - that's why NYS and all the municipalities are going broke.

  7. I find it interesting that the ToU doesn't want to pay benefits rightfully owed, but it's perfectly willing to engage in the kind of political shenanigans that could lead to an expensive court battle. Saving the taxpayers money, you say?

  8. A contract is a contract under American business law. The only way out of a contract is if both parties consent to its dissolution, or one party fail to hold up its end of the bargain. There is no provision for a party to simply ignore the provisions of a contract just because it feels like doing so, even if it will save the taxpayers money. What if every municipality in the country started doing this? We'd have chaos.

  9. Quigley is trying to rewrite the contract. He, like his pal Maloney never met a courtroom they didn't like. They live in them.