Wednesday, April 18, 2012

O'Halloran Running For Full Term in Rondout

Is there a wheel to which this tireless man of the people isn't willing to put his shoulder?:
Petitions for election have been filed by: Costello of 29 Laurel Hollow Estates, Kerhonkson; Wayne Beckerman of 116 Leggett Road, Stone Ridge; David O’Halloran of 230 Boice Mill Road, Kerhonkson; Rebecca Versace of 14 Church Hill Road, High Falls; and Michael Redmond of 4974 U.S. Route 209, Accord.
Robin Yess is among those who are questioning whether O'Halloran really has the time for all of this:
O’Halloran, also IDA Board Chair, will have his hands full with these two posts; although more than a year ago he indicated he wanted to step down from the IDA – that hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps the school board seat – where he is more likely to make a difference – will be the catalyst for exiting the IDA he’s been waiting for.
He'll keep both gigs. That's my guess. Or, maybe O'Halloran will surprise us all and do the right thing (crickets chirping).


  1. This is fantastic! Mr. O’Halloran sends his kids to a private school but is on OUR school board making decisions for what is in the best interest of OUR kids!?!?! If he is so interested in being a part of OUR school district maybe he should first start by enrolling his kids in OUR school to attend school with OUR kids. This is just another of his self-interest situations – the only interest he has in OUR school district is paying taxes. That tells me that he isn’t interested in doing anything that would be in the best interest of the kids in Rondout Valley School District – he is only interested in the almighty dollar! OUR kids will be going without and it will have no effect on his kids – does anyone else see the problem with this???? This makes me want to vomit!

    1. Wow. Good point. I think David O. and his ilk won't be satisfied until we close all the public schools!

  2. Agreed. He's a cocky know-it-all. The old school crowd in the district doesn't care about education, in fact that's the common thread in America. Everyone is worried about tax dollars, but our educational system is weak and is not preparing kids for the future. Rondout needs an overhaul at every level and hopefully some new board members can get us there.

  3. On his Facebook page, Mike Hein congratulates Steve Turk and the Rocking Horse Ranch Resort on being named the second best family destination in the United States by TripAdvisor! This impressive recognition is a testament to the hard work that Steve Turk and his staff have invested into making the Rocking Horse Ranch Resort an outstanding travel destination.

    Now, the best family destination in the USA should rank first in Ulster County, shouldn't it? Wrong! The Tourism Business of the Year award was dealed to Pinegrove Ranch and Family Resort, in a typical Bernardo-O'Halloran arrangement.

    I, Terry Bernardo, declare David O'Halloran's Pinegrove the tourism business of the year. I, David O'Halloran, aa the IDA chairman, declare Terry Bernardo's Skate Time 209 a fast growing tourism destination, and I'm not going to even try to recover – on behalf of the taxpayers – the hundreds of thousands of dollars due in back taxes breach of contract (not creating the promised jobs).

    I found on TripAdvisor this April 9, 2012 review of Pinegrove (the Ulster County tourism business of the year!):

    "A DUMP
    This place was horrible. I don't think that the carpet has seen a vacuum or shampoo in decades. The place needs a complete renovation. I saw some renovations. The dining was a joke. The same menu throughout the stay and you felt like you were on the assembly line. The water was contaminated and smelled like pool water. The dining room had to give out bottled water because they claim the filters were broken. The waiting staff barely understood english and rushed you to the point that you took anything because of the pressure. The rooms were horrible. The bathroom had mold and the toilet seats were disgusting. They obviously painted over the toilet seats several times. Trust me - save your money. For those who claims the place is great, then they must be used to 2 - 3 star. Yes, it is a Dude Ranch but that doesn't mean a Dump Ranch! Definitely family run, same person to check you, greet you in dining hall, take order, and play karaoke machine on a laptop in the lobby. What a joke!!!"

    Wait! Here is another one, from April 16, 2012:

    Not clean, horseback riding procedure was terrible.
    We spent a weekend at the ranch. The rooms were filthy, windows were gross and looked like the carpet never saw a vacuum. The procedure for horseback riding was a joke. The whole reason for the visit was to ride horses. The day we arrived the rides were all booked. The next day we were able get one hour long ride which only lasted 30 minutes. The staff members who were working the so-called activities looked like they crawled out from under a rock. 

I would never go back. I would not even recommend this place to my worst enemy!"

    So, why is O'Halloran in charge of Ulster County Industrial Development Agency when he can't mind his own business?

    What does he intend to do with the school district? Bring it down to the one-star level of Pinegrove?

    Seriously, isn't time for him to retire to Florida?

  4. All points well taken the man can't even send his own kids to the school but he wants to run it. Come on its like Langdon Chapman and John Bonacic want to run Ulster County but won't live here!!!!!

  5. With his crooked, deceptive and callous ways he will have the school running like his negative five star resort in no time!

    I don’t care who he is friends with… he is no friend of the students of the Rondout Valley School District.

    This man should keep his dirty deeds in the nasty politic arena and leave the students of the Rondout Valley School District and their eduction out of his political shenanigans!

  6. DER Fuhrer has struck again Queen Terrence has fire the hardest working person on the legislative staff claiming the Dic tatot ordered it. Story to follow I'm sure

  7. Lets get this right since being annointed chair the queen has fired 2 long time county employees that live local and hired 5 new employees 2 from out of county. WTF are the residents of rochester all high on the weed they grow out there electing such a unstable nut. Could we annex Rochester to Sullivan County PLEASE

  8. It is great to see the interest in residents running for the school board. Rondout needs an overhaul from top to bottom, the cost and results do not come close to matching. For the cost per student we should be geeting a real first class education. The situation is dire, each year we do not support the kids, we lose another generation. It is a competitive world and our children deserve the best opportunity to excell.

    1. Thanks for weighing in, Mr. O'Halloran.