Tuesday, April 24, 2012

But I Thought You Liked Me?

So nobody showed up for Terry B's presser last week?:
Chairwoman Terry Bernardo called a press conference for Friday, April 20th for the media to witness the “historic” signing of the shared services (tourism promotion) agreement between the City of Kingston and Ulster County. Woo hoo! Pass the popcorn.

Well… they could have passed the popcorn except there was nobody there to pass it! That’s right. Not a soul. Not one member of the press showed up, which led to a highly informative press release about the momentous signing. Snore, snore, snore – if you have insomnia, click here to read the release.
That's too bad.

Time to break out the trapeze!

Update: Thanks for the tip on the typo.


  1. ROTFL - so the queen has resorted to sending out a"news" release of her majesty's un-newsworthy events. Mid-April and losing stride/support quickly - pardon my warped thought but all I can envision is the water circling the bowel.

  2. she needs to go. Are there any republicans that have the courage to say the hell with Bernardo's Independence endorsement and do a resolution of "no confidence" to get her out of there before more harm is done????Most Democratc would support that move.

  3. What a bunch of PHONY bastards these legislators are. They all are very surprised and mad about the queen firing of Nettie Tomshaw but look not ONE has done anything about this. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Oh I forgot you have no morals or ethics. (brains either)

  4. How about no-show Sandy Mathes? Not bad, $37,500 plus benefits and all you have to do is stay home. Oh, and of course be a good little toadie! You're right. When is enough going to be enough? People like Gerentine, Provenzano, Donaldson, Harris, Fabiano don't need Bulky Boy En's stupid endorsement. So why do they sit on their hands while this charade continues? What a joke!

  5. Oops, heat of the moment. That should be Bully Boy Len! But you all knew that.